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The Rainbow Party that defined The Rabbit Hole 💜

Here we are at the end of Pride Month, I am up late on a school night, the house is fast asleep and I’m wide awake. Contemplating the weekend just gone by, and I am just overwhelmed with emotion!

Less than 5 months after we opened our doors, The Rabbit Hole has just hosted the inaugural Rainbow Party for Rainbow Swingers, and it was simply amazing. I’m not sure words suffice to tell you how I feel.

The philosophy of TRH is written in our mission statement: in that we aim to provide a safe and fun space for the sex positive community to be able to express their authentic selves. We feel so very strongly about this core aim of The Rabbit Hole, such that every decision we make about TRH takes this into account. And nowhere else was this philosophy more evident than at our Rainbow Party on the weekend!

We had about 50 guests attend, and as far as we could tell, every arm of the rainbow community was represented. Except perhaps the asexual arm, but it wouldn’t have mattered (as no one had to play if they didn’t want to). Because as soon as people stepped through the door, it didn’t matter what they were. It was who they were that mattered; labels didn’t matter, and they didn’t need to conform.

People mingled freely chatting to each other, many were excited to chat to our honoured guests Bradford and Angela from By The Bi podcast, who picked the lucky winner of the raffle for 2 tickets to the Mars Bar Reunion this weekend. By midnight, Chrissy and I were the only ones in the social areas because everyone else was upstairs playing!! It was so heartwarming to see everyone having so much fun, and the best part of the night for me is watching the grinning faces coming downstairs for a breather!

Thank you so much, to those of you already comfortable in this world, who came along and so enthusiastically supported this party. More so, thank you to all of you who haven’t had the opportunity to attend such an event before, who trusted us enough to come along and be yourself. That is the greatest gift you could have given us, and I hope you enjoyed the party as much as we enjoyed having you.

Much love,

Wendee x

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