The Rabbit Hole events are hosted in line with South Australian Covid guidelines.

Some events are Private events, some are open to everyone, and some are Members Only. 

Please see individual event descriptions for more information.

  • Information Night for Men REGISTRATION 17/08/22
    17 Aug, 7:30 pm – 18 Aug, 9:00 pm
    @ The Rabbit Hole
    The Rabbit Hole is looking for a few good men
  • Players Party 20/08/22
    Sat, 20 Aug
    At The Rabbit Hole
    20 Aug, 8:30 pm – 21 Aug, 2:00 am
    At The Rabbit Hole
    For the more experienced players
  • Under 35s Party SATURDAY 27/08/22
    Sat, 27 Aug
    At The Rabbit Hole
    27 Aug, 8:30 pm – 28 Aug, 2:00 am
    At The Rabbit Hole
    For the young ones!
  • Open Party SATURDAY 10/09/22
    Sat, 10 Sept
    At The Rabbit Hole
    10 Sept, 8:30 pm – 11 Sept, 2:00 am
    At The Rabbit Hole
    This party is open to all ages.
  • Meet and Greet 16/09/22
    Fri, 16 Sept
    The Rabbit Hole
    16 Sept, 8:30 pm – 17 Sept, 12:00 am
    The Rabbit Hole
    Hang out with old and new friends at The Rabbit Hole!
  • Girls Night 17/09/22
    Sat, 17 Sept
    @ The Rabbit Hole
    17 Sept, 8:30 pm – 18 Sept, 2:00 am
    @ The Rabbit Hole
    This event is an opportunity to meet and connect with other sex-positive women, and also to experience the joy of open sexuality in a safe space. There will be no judgement, and all boundaries will be respected.

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