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Consent is Paramount. Ask before you touch. No means No, and it doesn’t need to be said more than once.


No cameras or phones. If you want a photo taken, please ask one of our hosts. We will ensure everyone in the the photo has given consent.


If you arrive together, leave together.


Please watch out for each other. Call out unacceptable behaviour. If the first warning is unheeded, offenders will be asked to leave The Rabbit Hole and not be invited to return.


Please keep the beds and equipment clean. Change the sheets if you soil them, wipe equipment down after use. There are wipes, spare towels and linen available in all play spaces. 


Don't touch other people’s belongings.


Please be mindful of others waiting to use the closed rooms and the equipment. Suggested maximum time limit on rooms is 1 hour.


Please respect our neighbours and keep noise levels in check whenever you are outside: whether arriving, leaving, or smoking.

Here is a quick guide to help you enjoy your experience at the Rabbit Hole. They are mostly common sense, but we all know that sense is not all that common.

  • Be friendly and polite. Even if you aren’t interested in someone. It’s attractive.

  • Be clean and hygienic. Shower before leaving home. Freshen up when you arrive.

  • Adhere to the dress code: sexy/stylish. It enhances the delicious anticipation of the night and will help get you in the mood.

  • Limit your alcohol intake. It’s a great social lubricant, but too much just ruins the night for everyone. Don’t embarrass yourself.

  • Bring your own toys. They are personal things. Always ask before using them on anyone else. We have toys you can borrow or purchase if you desire, just ask.

  • Bring your own condoms if you have a preference, especially if you require a non-standard size. Always wear one with someone you are not fluid-bonded with. The sex-positive community is very big on Safer Sex etiquette.

  • Talk with your partner about expectations and boundaries before attending. Then make sure you respect them. Go at the pace of the more hesitant partner.

  • Try to have no expectations of other people. It’s a surefire route to disappointment. They don’t owe you play, you don’t owe them play. If the connection you’re looking for isn’t mutual, politely move on.

  • Consent is Paramount. It bears repeating. Look for the enthusiastic "Yes"! Play is much more fun with someone who’s really into it.

  • Relax and have fun!

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