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“Your Rabbit Hole is a wonderful venue, and I imagine you're going to have many memorable events in the future to come!”

"Thank you all for such a lovely evening last night. Your set up is super impressive - warm, inviting, playful, sexy... and we look forward to more events in the future."

"I just wanted to say what a fantastic place this is! As 2 newbies we got to experience something we had been curious about. It was a fun, safe environment for all, I was especially impressed by the hosts and how they check everyone is ok, especially those that were drinking and followed up to check people weren't going overboard. I loved how inclusive The Rabbit Hole is, especially for those in a same-sex relationship."

We had a great night to & enjoyed all the entertainment & hospitality thankyou so much for the prize was a great surprise & appreciated, we love all the effort you all go to to making it an enjoyable night for everyone xx

"This is a note to say thank you for the warmth and caring I've felt this year joining the swinging community as a single guy. You all put in so much effort to make The Rabbit Hole what it is and I want to say thank you! The community of people you attract and the safe space you provide for me and everyone else to come as they truly are is amazing and wonderful."


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