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We're all Mad Here

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

It has been 2 months since we have opened our doors, and we have hit the ground running! So far, we have had: a couples party, a themed open party, and a newbies party; and the positive responses have been overwhelming! Lots of people having lots of fun, thank you so much to the Adelaide community for supporting us! We were initially a bit unsure about the viability of the Peek Down The Rabbit Hole events, but they have prove to be popular. So for now, they will be here to stay. If you have enjoyed them and found them worthwhile, please spread the word. Tell your friends about The Rabbit Hole, and encourage them to check us out! Our next party March Mad Hatter Party is tomorrow! Its going to be a hot one (weather forecast 40 deg Celsius!). We'll have the airconditioner blasting and a ton of fans too, to help keep all the hot and sweaty party goers cool. It's also Wendee's birthday, and we have a special guest for the occasion. Stay tuned for the After Party report!

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