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The Rabbit Hole Sexhibition

The Rabbit Hole proudly presents: SEXHIBITION!

It's high time the swinging community celebrate sex positivity by adding education to fun!

On Saturday 1st October 2022, we present to you a group of people passionate about what they do, delivering a series of talks on a variety of topics. Come along to learn some fun stuff, increase your knowledge on some important stuff, be entertained by some sexy stuff. In addition, eat some yummy stuff, and buy some hot stuff!

Unfortunately due to limited space at The Rabbit Hole, this event is open to members only.

Then, what better way to put it all into practice than at a Neon Party that evening??

(Separate registration for Neon Party - book here)


09.45am: Arrival and check-in

10.20am: Welcome

10.30am: Sensual Bedroom Rope.

11.15am: Consent is Sexy.

12.00pm: Sexual Health for Swingers.

12.45pm: BBQ lunch.

Poledancing/aerial hoop entertainment

1.45pm: Open Relationships. Differences, myths, and pitfalls.

2.30pm: Handle Him Like a Boss.

3.15pm: Closing

3.30pm: Finish

Presenter bios

Ben or “Bossman” is past President of Peer Rope Adelaide, and currently still teaches there occasionally. He is a rigger with a focus on connection and intimacy, and has honed his skills locally, interstate and overseas in Japan. Whether just starting out with your first tie, enjoying solidifying your rope play, or wanting to enjoy rope with your partner, Bossman will have something for you.

Presentation: Sensual bedroom Rope. Topics for demonstration and discussion will be: Rope safety, and using rope to illicit positive responses in different ways, thus creating a complete sensual experience.

Wendee is a healthcare professional by day, and host of The Rabbit Hole by night. She has been part of the swingers community for 25 years, and 3+ years ago, together with her co-hosts, launched The Rabbit Hole Parties. Committed to providing a classy, safe, and fun space for the lifestyle community, she is passionate about promoting and celebrating sex-positivity.

Presentation: Consent is Sexy. Having a good understanding of what sexual consent means will help you navigate not only the swinging world, but sex in general. In this presentation we will go through an easy way to think about sexual consent, and tips on making it seamless and sexy. Being clear on consent helps everyone feel safe, which is key to making sex fun for all!

Dr. Tessa (she/her) is a General Practitioner, working at SHine SA and Pregnancy Advisory Centre. She has a special interest in sexual and reproductive health, LGBTQIA+ health and mental health. She is passionate about making sexual health information and education accessible for all.

Presentation: Sexual health for swingers. This presentation will provide an update on practical sexual health knowledge for people who enjoy recreational sex. How, when and where to seek sexual health checks, and barriers that may be encountered. Also, she will briefly cover current trends in STIs, including monkeypox.

Anisa is a Clinical Sexologist, the Director of Relate Sexology and the President of the Society of Australian Sexologists (SA/NT branch). She provides psychosexual therapy to individuals and partners as well as consultancy and training on mental health and sexuality related topics to clinicians and organisations. Anisa’s areas of interest and experience are trauma recovery, kinks & fetishes and multi-partnered relationships.

Presentation: Open Relationships. Differences, myths, and pitfalls. These days people are hearing more and more about multi-partnered romantic and sexual relationship structures. Many people want to understand how to approach it or how to avoid the pitfalls. Here are some topics which will be discussed on the day to help your relationships stay more grounded.

Why multi-partnered relationships?

Why are people drawn to alternative relationship structures?

When is the right time to open a relationship?

How to have a positive experience?

Wala is a Somatic Sexologist and Bodyworker. Through her own personal experiences, and after 13 years of hosting Kimmi’s Parties as well as many years spent studying the field of relationship, sex and intimacy, Wala has become an expert in how sexual pleasure can positively influence lives, and how every relationship can benefit from a greater understanding of each other’s desires.

Presentation: Handle him like a boss. This presentation will explore advanced sexual techniques, including the art of handling him (and penis owners) like a boss, guiding and controlling their pleasure, and the insider tips and secrets that will blow their mind.

Adult Bliss Erotic Boutique in Glen Osmond, owned and operated by Monique and Simon, is more than just a retail store. Their Passion is sexual education, health, and wellness for all, and the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable, providing you with the best possible advice and products in the industry. They believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling and healthy sex life tailored to their wants and desires, and are thrilled to provide a service to help with that journey.

They will be present throughout the day with a pop-up stall, where you can check out and purchase quality sex toys and products.


Dress Code: Casual

Cost: $50 per person. Pre-purchase online only - details in email once you register.

*Tickets strictly limited, your spot is ONLY confirmed once you have paid. If you haven't paid and the list is full, YOU WILL MISS OUT. See FAQ for cancellation policy.

You need to register direct via our website:

This event is supported by SHine SA, allowing us to offer this exciting event at subsidised cost.

Note: A photographer will be present, but will not take photos of you without your consent.

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