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Pesky Pandemic. July 2020 guidelines for The Rabbit Hole.

What we must do, is keep Covid-19 OUT of The Rabbit Hole.

My god ... I didn’t know how much I had missed The Rabbit Hole community until we had our first party back at TRH a few weeks ago. It was so wonderful to hug friends I hadn’t seen in 3 months of lockdown. Whilst in survival mode, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed them.

“No kissing” the authorities advised (amongst other things).

But barely minutes after we’d said hello, all thoughts of social distancing went out the window, as we all greeted each other delightedly. Covid-19 be damned, as we wrapped willing arms and tongues, and other body parts around each other joyously that night. Human touch is such an integral part of human connection; and it’s never been so obvious as now, as to how essential it is to our survival.

Thank goodness Covid-19 has been virtually non-existent in South Australia in the last couple of months.

The sun is shining now but make no mistake, we’re not out of the woods. So far though, the powers-that-be seem to be doing a good job, and we trust our sentries guarding our border. To the few trickling into our state for various reasons, we trust you also.

We trust that you will have our community’s safety at heart and will not attend The Rabbit Hole until 14 days have passed from your last possible exposure to Covid-19.

As I alluded to above ... there’s no such thing as social distancing at a swingers party (Newbies Party being a possible exception). What we must do, is keep Covid OUT of The Rabbit Hole.

The 2nd wave happening in Victoria right now could well happen in South Australia. Let’s not allow TRH to become the centre of an outbreak.

Please DO NOT ATTEND The Rabbit Hole if:

  1. If you are unwell at all. Even if mildly. We advise you to get tested for Covid-19 if you haven’t already, as it’s the only way to detect hidden community transmission.

  2. If you have come from overseas or from an Australian restricted region in the last 14 days (currently Victoria, ACT, NSW). This includes essential workers travelling in/out of these areas.

  3. If in the last 14 days, you have been exposed to, or have been in close or casual contact with someone who is a suspected/probable/confirmed case of Coronavirus; or someone from group 1 or 2 above. This applies to those not only in your own home, but also includes hotel staff, airline staff, health workers, border control personnel, etc.

We strongly encourage you to have the COVIDSafe app activated on your phone at all times, to expedite contact tracing if and when required.

If you are informed within 14 days of attending TRH that you have been exposed or test positive to Coronavirus, please inform us ASAP, and we will notify all our guests to be on the alert. Your confidentiality will be kept of course.

Until we have a vaccine or at least effective treatment, the inconvenience caused by this pesky virus is here to stay. Please give it the respect it deserves, or we will pay a heavy price.

At the risk of repeating myself, please please, do not attend TRH if you meet any of the criteria above. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see you, let’s make hay while the sun shines as they say, and fuck each others’ brains out while we can!!

Stay well my friends, and let’s keep each other safe.

Love and hugs,

Wendee x

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