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October 2020 Pandemic guidelines for The Rabbit Hole.

As we excitedly prepare for Halloween coming up, this traditionally biggest swinger event of the year is split over 2 nights this year. Incredibly, as most of the world is crippled by a microscopic creature named Covid-19, except for 3 months of initial lockdown The Rabbit Hole has been able to continue holding small events for our community to stay connected within strict indoor gathering limits. Thank you all each for doing your little part thus far by following the July 2020 guidelines and helping keep us safe.

As we come out of Australian winter and welcome the warmer weather, the state borders are opening up as the Australian eastern states have been managing to keep the community transmission of Covid-19 low with effective strategies (so far). Currently, all incoming into SA (including returning South Australians) from Australian regions of low community transmission need only fill out a cross border travel form 14 days before travel. Those allowed to come in from Victoria and overseas are still required to quarantine and are subject to day 1 and day 12 Covid tests.

So hereby we update the Pandemic guidelines for attendance at The Rabbit Hole.

Please DO NOT ATTEND The Rabbit Hole if:

  1. If you are unwell at all. Even if mildly. We advise you to get tested for Covid-19 if you haven’t already, as it’s the only way to detect hidden community transmission.

  2. If in the last 14 days, you have been exposed to, or have been in close or casual contact with someone who is a suspected/probable/confirmed case of Coronavirus. Get tested for Covid-19 if you haven’t already.

  3. If you have come from an area of known community transmission in the last 14 days, even if you haven’t yet been notified that you need to test, quarantine or isolate.

*If you are an essential traveller or worker directed to have weekly Covid testing, you may attend if you have had a NEGATIVE test within the last 3 days of attending, provided you don’t meet 1, 2 or 3 above.

*If you are from interstate or overseas and have subsequently been allowed unrestricted movement in South Australia, you may attend; provided you don’t meet 1, 2 or 3 above.

*We strongly encourage you to have the COVIDSafe app activated on your phone at all times, to expedite contact tracing if and when required.

*If you are informed within 14 days of attending TRH that you have been exposed or test positive to Coronavirus, please inform us ASAP, and we will notify all our guests to be on the alert. Your confidentiality will be kept of course.

Until we have a vaccine or at least effective treatment, the inconvenience caused by this pesky virus is here to stay. Please give it the respect it deserves, or we will pay a heavy price.

Thank you everyone, for rolling with us as we’ve made numerous changes around the restrictions by trialling different types of events, payment methods and cancellation policies, as well as made changes around the house. Thank you for your continued support, as we’ve valiantly tried to continue to be viable as a business that trades in human touch and human connection, made much more difficult in a world where the new trend is face masks and social distancing.

Let’s all keep looking after each other, and together we will come out the other side still the happy horny bunnies that we are!

Much love,

Wendee x

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