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Musings about the Under and Over 35's Parties

Greetings everyone! As we usher the Autumn weather in, I am reflecting on our last 2 parties: back-to-back Under and Over 35's a week apart at the end of March. It was really interesting how different the vibe was at the two parties!

Prior to the parties, we had a lot of worried queries particularly from couples who straddled the age of 35, wondering which party they should attend. We tried to reassure everyone that the age was just a guideline, and that people should pick the party that they felt would be right for them .... or attend both if they wanted! On the night, we certainly did have some guests whose ages were on the other side of 35 at each party (most were age-straddling couples), but the overwhelming majority were within the age demographic guideline.

So what were the differences? (Disclaimer: musings are from a well-over-35 host!)

The young people certainly seemed to enjoy and appreciate a party with others mostly the same age, whereas the Over 35's seemed to care less about age. The Unders were much better at respecting our rules (e.g. no phones, time limit on closed rooms) than the Overs. However, the Overs certainly did not seem to make as much mess and had a higher percentage rate of getting their dirties into the bin than the Unders!

At the end of the day though, the single most important thing is the fact that everyone seemed to have had a ton of fun! And really, as hosts, that is our priority; and the cleaning of chewing gum out of the carpet or lipstick off the ceiling is part and parcel of throwing a party :)

All in all, the back-to-back Under and Over 35's were a runaway success, and we’ll certainly be having them again!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Love to all,

Wendee x

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